Band Line-Up:

  1. 1968 - Tom "Zippy" Caplan, Woody Woodrich, Garr Johnson.

  2. 1968-1969 - Mick Stanhope replaces Garr Johnson on drums.

  3. 1969 - Denny Craswell ("Castaways") replaces Mick Stanhope on drums while Mick is on an extended sick leave.

  4. 1969 - Mick Stanhope returns, Ronn Roberts is added on guitar for one set each performance.

  5. 1973-1974 - Mick Stanhope, Ronn Roberts, Russ Pahl - Pedal Steel guitar, Six-string guitar, Ron Merchant - Bass, Keyboard and Vocals, Dan Burniece - Drums.


Band Line-Up:

  1. 1969 - Mick Stanhope, Woody Woodrich, Tom "Zippy" Caplan, Ronn Roberts, Bernie Pershey.

  2. 1970- Rick Johnson replaces Bernie Pershey on drums while Bernie is on a leave of absence.

  3. 1970- Jeff Bouchier replaces Ronn Roberts on Lead and Rhythm guitar.

  4. 1971-72 - Original members return for reunion show with various other musicians filling in periodically.

  5. 1971-73 - Reunion group with Pat Donahue replacing Woody Woodrich on Bass and Dan Burniece replacing Bernie Pershey on drums.

  6. 1989-90 - Tom "Zippy" Caplan, Woody Woodrich, Denny Waite- Blues Harp and Keyboard, Steve Fine - Percussion, Johnny Elms - Lead Vocals.