The Litter

Band Line - Up

  1. 1966-67 - Denny Waite, Jim Kane, Dan Rinaldi, Tom Murray and Bill Strandlof.

  2. 1967-68 - Tom "Zippy" Caplan replaces Bill Strandlof on Lead guitar.

  3. 1968- Lonnie Knight replaces both Denny Waite and "Zippy" Caplan on Vocals and Lead guitar.

  4. 1968-70 - Mark Gallagher and Ray Melina replace Lonnie Knight.

  5. 1970- Sean Jones replaces Ray Melina on Lead guitar.

  6. 1970 - Late in the year John Sutphen replaces Jim Kane on Bass.

  7. 1971-72 - Casey McPhearson replaces Mark Gallagher on Vocals, John King replaces Sean Jones on Lead guitar, Side Man replaces John Sutphen on Bass.

  8. 1990- Denny Waite, "Zippy" Caplan, Dan Rinaldi, Tom Murray; Woody Woodrich replaces Jim Kane for Reunion Concert.  (Jim Kane guests on Bass for 3 songs).

  9. 1991- Mick Stanhope - Lead Vocals, "Zippy" Caplan, Dan Rinaldi, Tom Murray, Woody Woodrich, Denny Waite for Reunion Concert and Demo Tapes.

  10. 1992-93 - Mark Gallagher - Lead Vocals, "Zippy" Caplan, Dan Rinaldi, Tom Murray, Denny Waite, Mick Stanhope, Bob Hood - Keyboards, Rick Ottum - Bass and Vocals for Old Dogs New Tricks album and tour.  (Denny Waite and Mick Stanhope - recording sessions only).

  11. 1998-1999 - "Zippy" Caplan, Denny Waite, Dan Rinaldi, Drummer John Haga (The Hypstrz), and Bassist Bill Grenke .

  12. present - "Zippy" Caplan, Denny Waite, Dan Rinaldi, Drummer Joe Scanlan, and Bassist Bill Grenke .

Along the way "The Litter" utilized many friends for guest appearances and recording sessions, including:

  • Joey Molland - Guitar and Vocals ("Badfinger")
  • Larry Weigand - Bass ("Crow")
  • Andy Bailey - Keyboards ("Lamont Cranston")
  • James Walsh - Keyboard and Vocals ("Gypsy")
  • Don Larson - Bass, arrangements and songwriting ("Gypsy").