The Litter

JAMES WORTHINGTON KANE - Bass Guitar, Moog Synthesizer and Special Effects

Jim Kane and Warren Kendrick were the original driving force behind the "Litter's" initial success.  Knowing each other since High School in Excelsior, Minnesota, both Kendrick and Kane played in surfing bands in the early '60's.  Warren was actually a decent guitar player until a paralyzing virus struck him down.  He eventually regained movement in everything but his right arm.  Unable to play the instrument he loved, Kendrick turned to writing music and studying electronics which ultimately led to his purchase of recording equipment.

Early in his career Jim Kane turned to Kendrick when he wanted to record his band "The Victors" at Warren's studio.  From then on the two remained friends and kept in close contact.  It was Kendrick who came to Jim when he wanted to record Action Woman and the relationship between Kendrick and "The Litter" began.  It was Kendrick who pushed the product but it was Jim Kane who pushed "The Litter".

Kane was the group's leader from the beginning and it was his attention to detail and the savvy to run the group like a business that kept things going.  Jim would often hand out assignment sheets to different band members, each with it's own instructions on things to accomplish in any given week.  Whether it be taking the band truck in for servicing, picking up guitar strings and accessories or learning new songs off another "English" imported album, he made sure it all got done.

It was Kane who dealt with the booking agents and it was Jim's house where rehearsals were held.  Always the businessman as well as a bass player, Kane paid the band on a weekly basis.  He ran a "tight ship" and the never ending goal was always for success.

When the "Litter" added the strobe lights and smoke to the show, it was Jim Kane who arranged to get the best available equipment.  Kane was also on top of the latest technical advances when it came to electronics and musical equipment.  He was always looking for new ways to enhance the groups sound.

Having learned his business well during his years with "The Litter" it should come as no surprise that Jim eventually opened his own audio business.  "Freedom Sound" company was in the business of supplying clubs with PA equipment and other audio and visual equipment and was very successful throughout the '70's.

Jim had the foresight to buy out Warren Kendrick's recording studio when Kendrick decided to move from Minnesota to Iowa.  This purchase was not just about recording equipment , but also an opportunity for Jim Kane to take possession of thousands of feet of tape, many reels having "Litter" material on them.

As Jim eventually went to work for a bigger sound outfit he began to keep a very low profile.  His only involvement with music was through club owners as he helped supply some of the bigger venues in the Mid-West with sound and lights.

Resurfacing briefly in 1990 to make a guest appearance at the "Litter's" Mirage reunion concert, he also was instrumental in helping K-Tel release the original albums on CD and Cassette.  As a nice surprise for the band, Kane also made arrangements for smoke to be used at the Mirage show.  Most of "The Litter" members were not even aware of this until the night of the concert.

Jim finally moved to Florida during the '90's, but was still available to help Erik Lindgren of Arf Arf Records with his CD The Scotty Story by supplying rare never released tapes of "The Victors" and "The Litter".

Currently word has it that Jim Kane and his family moved back to Minnesota and is again living in the Excelsior area.  Still keeping a low profile, it is not unlikely he could surface again sometime in the future as the popularity of "The Litter" continues to endure.