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In addition to offering merchandise on The Litterand (White) Lightning, it is our intention to to set the record (Litterally) straight on the history of both groups, by presenting fans-for the first time ever-the  true and real facts.  Up to now there has been an amazing amount of mis-information floating around, not only on the internet, but in various books, on album liner notes and written in articles and bios.  In addition, most discographies are not only incomplete but list songs with words misspelled (i.e. Ungrateful Peg instead of Ungrateful Pig) and contain incorrect writers credits.  To make matters worse some albums-mostly bootlegs-have these mistakes on the album jacket!  Now, thirty some years after The Litter's debut on the music scene, fans from all over the world can rediscover both The Litter and (White) Lightning.

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